I remember the first time I heard about the “soccer trophy generation” I wasn’t sure how to respond.  Now I do.

The score matters.

The score reinforces good behavior and points out bad behavior.

Like it or not, the score never lies.  Whether a game, your earning potential, the taxes you owe, your net worth, your progress on your sales quota, the number of meetings you had last week.

I could go on. There is no way around it, we keep score for a reason.

Now before you hijack this post and say bad and evil people hijack the game and change the rules, forget about it.  Not going there.  We all know this happens but in everyday life, the score matters.

For me it was simple. I wanted more pipeline and nobody could tell me how to get it except to say “work harder” or my favorite, “just keep doing what you are doing and you’ll figure it out.”

What I found out is that to generate business for your company, you have to count.

How many emails, how many posts, how many coffees, how many people did you help?

How many meetings, how many proposals, how many deals, how many wins!

At ConnectPoints, we help you with an easy way to set goals, track progress and compete against your teammates. We track points across connecting, marketing and selling.

Points lead to meetings.  Meetings lead to proposals. Proposals lead to revenue.  Revenue leads to success.

How can you do that without keeping score?

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