Everybody wants connection! We want to keep score! Most importantly, we like that dopamine hit we get when we check our numbers or “connect” with someone else.

What’s missing?


It’s not like the magic LinkedIn gods are going to pay you at the end of the year because you added 500 connections. You need to take the next step in connecting and actually connect – you know, have a phone conversation, join in a Zoom, or go have coffee!

“That’s so old school you say?”  Well, maybe not!

Do you want to build better relationships through connecting?

What “connecting” is not!

  • Focusing only on the numbers.
  • Taking instead of giving.
  • Using others.

Connecting is the first step towards a relationship. In order to unlock the value of human relationships, you have to go beyond my account linking to your account. Try to serve others by connecting and you will have a connection for life!

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