Recently, I talked about 5 activities that help build a network. Here is the post.

Today, I want to outline the 5 activities that will help you establish your expertise and credibility.

I hope you will give me some feedback on how else you might do that?

5 Activities to Establish Marketing Expertise & Credibility

What’s fun about the #brand30 exercise is learning to fail fast and constantly improving your message. This is an example of that for me. My initial post was about my ConnectPoints plan and I have revamped that advice to be more relevant today.

So the three legs of the stool are connecting, marketing and selling.  I covered connecting previously. Today, marketing.

Marketing and sales are converging and can no longer exist in silos.

Do you believe that?  Many of my old school folks don’t.  All of my new school folks do.

According to a Challenger survey, 88% of buyers research and find suppliers without engaging a representative of the company.

According to Gartner, buyers are increasingly discounting the value that sellers bring to the sales process.

Engaging in the marketing leg of the stool will overcome these two trends.

Marketing Activities

Speak – Speak in public on your expertise (5)

Publish – Write a post, blog or article (3)

Event – Attend a networking event in any medium (3)

Appointment – Meet someone in any medium (2)

Message – Reach out to a contact via email or social media (1)

“Content Generation Gap”

Finding time to consistently engage in these activities and keep score. I call the gap that is beginning to develop the “content generation gap” which I define as the lack of content being created by or for market facing individuals. By speaking, publishing and messaging, you are telling the market that you are relevant and credible. By attending networking events and meeting with people, you are spreading the word and building a network.

Every day, every week. Digital marketing matters and tracking your ConnectPoints is critical.

What do you do on a regular basis to develop and establish credibility?


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