Are you trying to GROW services revenue?

Finally! An easy-to-use tool that is not your

  • Track the RIGHT activities
  • ONE click entry
  • FUN for the whole team


The RIGHT Activities

We track activities around connecting, marketing, and selling. Proven and refined over the last 30 years at over a dozen organizations.


ConnectPoints keeps it simple. Fill in 2 boxes and you can add a
ConnectPoint! No long forms with tons of required fields like many CRMs.


Have a little fun by challenging your colleagues. Cannot manage what you do not measure.


Unlock The Real Potential Of Our CRM Software For Consultants

If you are a founder of a consulting firm, a consultant, or leading a team of consultants in search of taking your business to greater heights, then ConnectPoints is the ultimate platform to help you. ConnectPoints helps you get more deals in your CRM software for consultants. No longer do you have to face the challenges related to finding new customers without a plan as our software can help streamline your sales operations while supercharging your growth.

Additional Features of ConnectPoints

Smooth Integration with Your Workflow

Our CRM for consultants seamlessly integrates with the tools you are using already to ensure a smoother transition and less disruption to your workflow. Log networking activity, compare to your peers, and turn your entire company into a sales machine with the help of Gamify networking consulting sales.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

No more do you need to deal with the laborious manual tasks of tracking your activity in spreadsheets. Our software for consulting firms enables you to focus on high-valued consulting activities, starting from appointment tracking to follow-up tracking, and our automation ensures better consistency and efficiencies in the processes.

Real-time Collaboration

It also allows real-time collaboration among the team members regardless of where they are. Our consultancy management software can help foster better collaboration, ensuring everyone stays on the same page for prosperous team-based consulting sales whether you are working on a project proposal or coordinating client meetings.

Mobile Accessibility

Stay connected to your consulting practice anytime and from anywhere with our software for business consultants. Our mobile-friendly interface allows you to gain access to vital information, management of tasks, and communicate with clients and team members on the move. It’s very easy to log your points and then compare how you are doing against the rest of your team. You can always take advantage of an opportunity whenever you are not in the office.

Nothing like it 

How can our CRM solutions help increase consulting revenue? Try our product to experience the features, check out the effects, and see how our software can help upgrade your consulting business and take it to greater heights and learn how to sell more technology consulting work..

Why ConnectPoints?

Effortless Growth

Our ConnectPoints solution is more than just about the management of networking activities, as it can propel it to new heights. You can leverage advanced analytics and reporting tools for the identification of growth opportunities, sell more technology consulting work, and increase revenues of your consulting practice.

User-Friendly Interface

There is no requirement for comprehensive training. Our team-based consulting sales CRM software prides itself on our intuitive interface, making it easier for the consultants to rapid adaptation and aim at what they are doing their best at consulting.

Customization Options

Our tailor-made software solution fits the distinctive requirements of your technology consulting business to know how to get more deals in technology consulting. Our software can help you adapt to your workflow whether you are an independent consultant or a part of a large firm.

Fuel-Up Your Consultancy Today!

Never allow outdated tools to affect the potential of your consultancy. ConnectPoints helps you with revolutionizing CRM software for consultants to help supercharge your team collaboration and skyrocket your revenue. Get started today to experience the real difference our CRM solution can make for your consultancy firm. Connect with our expert solution now!

Advanced Analytics for Informed Decision-Making 

You can now entrust your consultancy with data-driven insights. Our business consulting software tools offer advanced analytics and reporting tools that can aid you in making informed decisions. Track networking activity for technology consultants indicators identify the trends, and leverage data to refine your strategies and grow your business. Everything you need to know that will lead to more consulting sales. No tools offer you a predictive insight into how to drive more deals into your CRM platform than ConnectPoints.

Scalability for Future Growth 

With the growth of your consultancy, you will grow technology consulting sales. Our measurable solution can help in adapting to the evolving requirements of business to ensure that you have access to the capabilities and tools needed for sustainable success. We have got you covered whether you are a solo consultant or a leading consulting firm.

Security and Compliance

You can now rest easy by knowing that your client’s sensitive data and information is secured to build relationships technology consulting. Our CRM software emphasizes data security and compliances that implement strong measures in safeguarding your consultancy against possible hazards. Focus on consulting and allow us to handle your security as you sell more technology consulting work.

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