About Us

Be one relationship from your destination

We help individuals grow their careers and companies grow revenue through the creation and nurturing of long-term relationships

Meet Our Team

John P Humphrey Jr.

John is a serial entrepreneur with experience in starting businesses in the software and consulting space.
John currently serves as CEO of Connect for Life, a revenue and coaching services firm. Connect for Life
focuses on companies from $10 to $50 million in revenue and helps them grow. The ConnectPoints
software is an integral part of what he uses to grow his business personally and is the framework he
uses to assist his clients.

In 2012, John created a client acquisition strategy for services companies called Connect for Life. This
methodology, supported by a published book of the same name, and the ConnectPoints software assists
knowledge workers in their market facing capacity. In 2003, John co-founded Pariveda Solutions Inc, a
technology-consulting firm. Today, Pariveda is well over 1500 employees and uses these ideas today.

Mr. Humphrey received a B.A. in Economics and a B.B.A. in Finance from Southern Methodist University. Mr. Humphrey also received an M.B.A. from The Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist


“We have all heard the phrase that we need to “eat our own dog food,” and in this case, I could not have succeeded in any of my businesses without the use of ConnectPoints.”


Dipesh Patel

Dipesh has leveraged the ConnectPoints framework for over a decade with several technology consulting organizations. ConnectPoints was instrumental in the discipline he needed in founding Solvegy, an Inc. 5000 fastest growing digital transformation technology consulting firm focused on the travel and hospitality industry. 


Dipesh started in the management and technology consulting industry in the late ’90s. He is experienced in IT strategy development and implementation, leading digital solution teams, complex project / program management, and business process optimization. His expertise lies in bridging the gap between business strategy and implementation of creative solutions.

Dipesh has held leadership roles in several technology consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting, Pariveda Solutions, North Highland, and Solvegy.


Dipesh’s purpose: “Help people by showing them the power of relationships through giving with no expectation of anything in return”